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CRF's Florida Manufactured Home Communities  

EARLY PURCHASE PROGRAMS: The following is a brief explanation of the "early purchase" programs which afford those not quite ready to move in immediately an opportunity to take advantage of exceptional lot selection, home pricing and financing rates NOW in our Florida manufactured home communities. These programs are subject to availability: 

LEASEBACK PROGRAM:This program allows you to purchase and close on your new home in our CRF Florida manufactured home communities and then lease it to us for use as either a Model or a Guest House for up to one year.

    Florida manufactured home communities    Florida manufactured home communities


While you may be eligible to receive certain tax benefits such as depreciation, deduction of mortgage interest, deduction of travel expenses to check on the home and other similar "write-offs", we assume responsibility for the lawn care, utilities, and other ongoing expenses related to the community and home.  Any mortgage payments, homeowners insurance, etc., would obviously remain the responsibility of the homeowner. 

RENTAL PROGRAM:This program allows you to purchase and close on your new home well ahead of your scheduled move-in date.  You would either personally rent your new home or allow us to do so under our rental management program available in most CRF Florida manufactured home communities.  You may also be eligible for many of the same tax benefits as stated in the LEASEBACK PROGRAM above. 

DELAYED CLOSING PROGRAM:Purchase your new home well in advance of your actual "move in" using one or a combination of the aforementioned programs and save thousands on both your purchase price and expenses.

EXAMPLE:  Purchase then close on your home after a six-month delayed closing.  Lease the home, in the Florida Manufactured Home Communities, back to us for one year as a Model or Guest House, and then utilize the rental management program for one year. In this example you would have enjoyed a superb lot selection, purchased the home of your choice at substantial savings, stretched your dollars and timing for 2 1/2 years, received significant tax benefits, AND reduced the overall cost of your retirement residence in one of our CRF Florida Retirement communities! The examples and programs mentioned are merely illustrative of numerous options available to those seeking assistance in realizing their Florida retirement plans.  Additionally, as each case differs based on your personal tax situation, you should always seek the advice of your financial advisor prior to making a final decision regarding the program or combination of programs that would best meet your needs.  We look forward to assisting YOU in your pursuit of the retirement lifestyle of your dreams at one of our affordable, award-winning CRF Florida manufactured home communities.